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Car Insurance – Make The Switch

Is your car insurance policy due for renewal?

By Suzanne Swan – 12/11/15

Forget anonymous call centres, our personal touch makes a difference. We’ll compare a wide range of products from trusted insurers to find the best deal for you and spread the cost with an easy payment option.

A selection of our private car motor insurance policies include 24 hour breakdown, comprehensive driving of other cars, full no claim bonus protection, windscreen cover and accidental death cover.

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A recent article in the journal highlighted the rise of consumers switching car insurance providers to make savings. A report by the The National Consumer Agency found that one-quarter of us told our old car insurance provider to hit the road in the last 12 months.

Despite the number of Irish consumers being proactive about getting better deals, there is still a sizeable proportion (36%) who “tend to stick” with the same companies.

Those over the age of 65 are particularly unlikely to switch things up, the report found, and perhaps not surprisingly, the under-35s are more apt than any other age bracket to kick unsatisfactory companies to the kerb.

The largest single group, however, is the 38% of us who generally stay with their current service providers, but do “look around” for better offers.

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