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Brexit remains a hot topic as speculation continues to divide opinion. We explore the impact of Brexit on the Haulage sector.

Earlier this year Jim Power, Ireland’s leading economist, spoke at the Wright Insurance Brokers Haulage Seminar, which was hosted in Wexford during the IRHA annual conference.

He delivered an insightful forecast of the potential issues that the haulier will face as Europe and Britain navigate a path for Britain to separate from the European Union. This includes a focus on what Irish policy makers need to be looking for when reflecting the needs of the haulage sector over the next couple of years.

The subsequent Q&A session delved further into the burning questions for those operating in the haulage sector. These clips cover the potential impact of Brexit in relation to Irish exports, financial implications, employment impact and outline the legal implications of Article 50 including what may happen agreement is not reached after the two year agreed negotiation period.

Whilst debate and speculation continue in relation to the Brexit process, we hope that you find these seminar clips helpful.

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Jim Power: The Impact of Brexit on the Haulage Sector

Q&A Brexit Impact on National Output

Q&A: Length of Brexit Process

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