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Is there potential for harmonisation of the approach to Personal Injury Law across the European Union?

In this series of clips filmed at the Wright Insurance Brokers Haulage Insurance Seminar held earlier this year in Wexford, Damian McGeady, Lacey Solicitors, outlines the different approaches in place within member states across the European Union in relation to personal injury law.

He discusses the unlikelihood of achieving harmonisation of the approach to this. EU health and safety legislation is also outlined and he explains why an employee policy for employees to contribute towards their injury claims could potentially breach employment law.

Robert Redmond, Director Technical Claims for Patrona Underwriting and Tony Wright, CEO Wright Insurance Brokers, address a query onĀ  personal injury claims and the system that has evolved around this, whilst also highlighting that there are societal and political factors to be considered.

We hope that you find this information helpful. Wright Insurance Brokers offers a range of specialised insurance solutions for a variety of sectors operating within the Transport industry.

For more information on Wright Insurance Brokers and how we can help with your transport insurance needs please click here or call us on 0818022 3000.

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