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A review of the European Migration Crisis from the Insurance & Legal Perspective.

At the Wright Insurance Brokers Haulage Seminar, held earlier this year in Wexford, Damian McGeady, Lacey Solicitors, presented an overview of the European migration crisis, the impact of this on the haulage sector and the resulting issues that have arisen in terms of financial loss.

This seminar clip includes guidelines in relation to vehicle security and systems that can be put in place to help when defending the haulier’s position if fines are imposed.

In a related clip from the subsequent Q&A session, Robert Redmond, Director Technical Claims for Patrona Underwriting, outlines the nature of contract law and the enforcement of terms and conditions in relation to load contamination. Tony Wright, CEO Wright Insurance Brokers highlights that this relates to individual customer contracts between hauliers and their clients, rather than insurance, suggesting the need for the haulage industry to take a united approach in addressing this issue.  A seminar guest gives anecdotal feedback of information received from the UK Border Force in relation to migrant behaviour and the actions of the traffickers.

We hope that you find this information helpful. Wright Insurance Brokers offers a range of specialised insurance solutions for a variety of sectors operating within the Transport industry.

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Damian McGeady:  ‘Clandestines’, The Insurance & Legal Perspective

Q&A Border Control and Clandestine Activity

Q&A Load Contamination & Terms & Conditions

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