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Evolve Car & Van Insurance – The Solution for Returning Emigrants, Outstanding Claims & Second Cars

The upturn in the economy, and the general positive forecasts for Irish economic growth, have lead to an increase in Irish emigrants returning to live in Ireland. This is a positive development for our families and communities, however,  for many of those returning from living abroad there are a number of hoops to jump through before they can fully settle back into Irish life.

A significant barrier is in the area of motor insurance with those returning to live in Ireland after a number of years living abroad, finding it difficult to get a quote. In many cases it is not possible to get a motor insurance quote without a current Irish No Claims Bonus and for those who do succeed in getting a quote – it may simply prove far too costly. This is a significant issue for people returning to live in Ireland, particularly for those intending to live in rural areas which are not well served by public transport.

To overcome this need Wright Insurance Brokers has sourced a new insurance product called Evolve Car & Van Insurance. Evolve Car & Van Insurance is designed to assist Irish consumers who are facing significant challenges when trying to secure motor insurance. Individual applications are reviewed on a case by case basis to ensure that all factors are considered and that allowances are made. This bespoke underwriting approach allows us to obtain the best possible quote for you.

Evolve Car & Van Insurance has been designed to assist the following:

If you are moving back to Ireland and searching for insurance or if you are in any of the groups listed above and are struggling to get a motor insurance quote, please contact our team at Wright Insurance Brokers and ask about our Evolve Car & Van Insurance service. The dedicated phone line for this bespoke service is 0818 287 077  and the email address is 


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