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Impact of Brexit on Irish motor insurance policyholders driving in the UK including Northern Ireland

As the Brexit ‘deal or no deal’ deadline fast approaches, it is necessary to consider the impact that this will have for  motor insurance policyholders in the Republic of Ireland when driving in the UK, including Northern Ireland. Wright Insurance Brokers would like to take this opportunity to advise our motor insurance customers of the potential provision of Green Cards to policyholders should a ‘no deal’ Brexit take place.

At present, all motorists from the Republic of Ireland can drive their vehicles to the UK, including Northern Ireland, under the EU Motor Insurance Directives. Should a ‘no deal’ Brexit take place, the EU Motor Insurance Directives will no longer apply to our customers traveling to the UK.  In that scenario, anyone who drives their Irish registered motor vehicle in the UK or Northern Ireland will be required to demonstrate to the relevant authorities that they have valid motor insurance. This can be done through an internationally recognised insurance document called a ‘Green Card’.

Brexit is currently scheduled for 29 March 2019. Should that date be delayed, then the requirement for Green Cards will also be pushed back.

The Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) will be distributing Green Cards and/or green card electronic forms to insurers who in turn will be distributing Green Cards to their policyholders.

We would ask our customers who are planning to drive their vehicle in the UK or Northern Ireland to contact our office one month in advance of the expected travel dates. This will allow us the appropriate time for preparation of Green Card(s) associated with the vehicle and insurance policy.

For further information on Green Cards and Brexit, please find a link below to the Brexit update on the MIBI website:

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