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Craft Breweries Insurance

Protecting your brewery and your brand

You have built your craft brewery or microbrewery with a lot of hard work and passion. Now you must protect what you have created so that you have the confidence to go after a bigger share of the growing market for craft beers.

What are the risks for craft breweries?

The risks and challenges in brewing are not the same as those in other industries and in recognition of this, Wright Insurance Brokers has developed a range of covers specifically for craft breweries or microbreweries, designed to protect your end product, your technology, equipment, and everything about your business.

We have taken the time to understand the brewing business from a risk point of view so don’t hesitate to call one of our team members if you have any questions.

For your convenience finance options are also available subject to terms and conditions.


  • Cost of Product Recall
    Cover for the costs associated with getting your product back into your control, minimising the impact on your profits, and your reputation.
  • Overseas Exposure
    If export markets are in your sights, this policy extends your product cover overseas.
  • Commercial Combined
    Our Commercial Combined policy covers all the major risks for a brewery including public liability should you have a visitor centre or offer tours.
  • Computer Cover
    Whether it’s through a virus or hardware malfunction, losing vital data and software functionality when computers go down is an enormous risk.
  • Goods In Transit Insurance
    A particular risk for breweries, losing your precious output on its way to your customers could be disastrous both from a monetary and a customer service point of view.
  • Motor Insurance
    Whether you have just one van or a small fleet, you know how damaging it can be to be off the road.
  • Legal Expenses Cover
    Legal costs do not tend to be budgeted for and can quickly mount, yet they can be an inevitable part of doing business.

Remember, we have taken the time to get to know the issues and peculiarities of your industry. To discuss your cover or get advice, give us a call today on 0818 22 3000 or fill in the form on this page and our specialists will be in touch by phone or email.

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